It's a Good Thing You Found Me!

I’m tired of seeing the women of today’s age being burdened with stress and anxiety.

It’s just simply too much to handle for a lot of us.

Our lives can appear flawless to the outside world,  as if we had everything under control.

But only if others truly understood the constant discomfort, stress, and anxiety that the majority of us women encounter DAILY.

If only there was a way out… 

My Story

You probably know who I am by now, but for those who don't, my name is Brianna.

I used to feel stuck and held back by other people’s expectations. I was told that I couldn't, that I wasn't enough, and that I should settle for less. But I refused to let those limiting beliefs define me.  

At first I would just push through without a clear sense of direction. But then I discovered the power of mindset and personal development, and it completely transformed my life. 

It gave me the tools and strategies I needed to overcome my own challenges and create a life I love. Not only that, but it’s also improved every single important relationship in my life: with myself, my kids, my partner, and my family.

But it wasn’t all that easy, I endured an over decade long growth journey to get where I am today. And during that time period, I experienced a bunch of adversity. 

Path to Growth

However, during those difficult times, I cultivated some valuable skills.

Skills that had taught me to fend for myself as I took on this journey of growth.

I knew there was more to life, and I was more dedicated than ever to reach it.

It was during these difficult times where I discovered the power of mindset, invested in myself, and hired my mentors Luis and Nisha.

Their insights and advice propelled me to next level success, with strategies that allowed me to really dig deep and find something that had been lost for a long time.

And that was myself.

Finding Purpose

At the time, I was working as a hairstylist at a salon not too far from where I lived.

And everyday, I would have about 8-14 girls come in and we would chat as I worked on their hair.

On paper I was a hair stylist, but to these girls I was way, way more than that.

As I worked on their hair, they would pour out their stories to me. The struggles they faced currently, and the hopes they had for the future.

And it was during these intimate moments where something snapped inside of me.

Everyday that I would console and become the leaning shoulder for these girls that walked into the salon, it made me realize a gift that had been hidden deep within me.

And that was the ability to help people.

New Beginnings

Now, after over a decade of growth, I have set out on a new mission as a coach.

You can be your own person, with your own dreams, your own identity, and your own voice. 

I’m committed to helping you and I'm here to help you find the clarity and confidence you need to step into that power. 

I'll be there to guide you, give you a fresh perspective, and help you create a more fulfilling life. Because I truly believe that when we show up for ourselves, we open doors to endless possibilities.

I’m here for you. Let’s take this journey together. 


Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

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  • Women looking to achieve a balanced life while breaking free from their constant stress and discomfort.
  • Women seeking more clarity and purpose throughout everyday life.
  • Women looking for simple yet powerful techniques to reach their personal and professional goals.
  • Women looking for advice from someone who actually understands them. 

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